Claim Selection

The basic economic criteria measuring whether a case falls within Fulbrook’s interest and capacity are reflected in cases which: (i) anticipate a recovery in the $25 million to $100 million range and beyond; (ii) require an investment of capital for prosecution of the case and sometimes other obligations (such as business obligations) of between $1 million and $10 million; (iii) anticipate a life—from funding to resolution and payment—of on average 2 to 3 years (although Fulbrook at present favors cases within a one year time table). (For those claims falling outside its zone, but being deserving, Fulbrook may when appropriate assist the claimant to find others to fund or otherwise support the claim).

In certain situations, Fulbrook will accept requests for professional advice, consulting, service and support, without funding.

Enhancing Claims

Fulbrook’s capacity to enhance claims stems from a host of independent yet interdependent special qualities and features. These include:

  • Superior capacity in legal experience and skills;
  • Integrated, unique capacity drawing from varied but harmonized professionals and commercial parties;
  • Creative thought-leadership in the market and industry;
  • Working only with claims within a defined zone of experience, skill and interest;
  • Specializing in identifying and marrying specific claims to a specific investor or investors interested in the particular DNA of the claim;
  • A network for sourcing its targeted types of claims, and a network of investors likely interested in the specific kind of claim involved;
  • Attractive and varied financial products and investment structures;
  • Use of statistical, empirical and analytical based models within Fulbrook’s evaluation protocol;
  • A comprehensive team of independent experts beyond its core team, enabling it to improve and expand its reach, including system alliances and working relationships with law firms, corporate investigative and intelligence firms, legal and knowledge outsourcing firms, public relation firms, and insurance entities;
  • Access to investors and potential investors, including such entities as hedge funds, of an impressive and expanding size and variety.